New Stars to Wish Upon

"There is wisdom in the winter season. There is clarity in a deep breath of brisk winter air. A knowing reminder from the plant world to let go of what is no longer nourishing us. And we can all find resonance with the rest of the animal kingdom, in seeking warmth and care in community. It is also easier to see the horizon."

Spirit Love: A Creative Praxis
By Daniel B. Coleman and Emanuel H. Brown

Spirit Love is a gathering of myself. It is both the process of me unfolding to my own wholeness and sharing my authentic self with others. It is rooted in the rituals of healing, SOUL conversations, and sitting with trees. It is allowing my version of the Divine to have access to the whole of me. As a self-practice, Spirit Love has been about embracing my body, thoughts, and heart. Literally, allowing each to take up space in my life, and shift me.

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