About us

Resonance Network connects people who are imagining and building a world rooted in deep relationship, vibrant community, and connection to our planet.

We plant the seeds of this world through the choices we make each day. The ways we care for ourselves, respond to the needs of others, and participate in community life are opportunities to practice how we want to transform ourselves, our communities, and our collective systems. 

Today, we face tremendous challenges as a country — from the detention of migrant children and families, to the climate crisis, mass shootings, sexual harassment and assault.  Violence is a building block of our history, and of the power systems that shape our culture. Violence keeps us disconnected from our humanity and each other. 

While many people may struggle to stay hopeful, Resonance Network participants are coming together because we also see a widespread hunger for — and possibility of — something different. By transforming the roots of violence, we can foster families, communities, and a culture that are thriving, just, and compassionate.  

Resonance Network participants work together to:

  • Uproot violence that particularly affects girls, women, and gender-oppressed people. 
  • Center people who most experience the impacts of historic and current systems of oppression as leaders in this transformation, particularly Black, Indigenous, immigrant, Muslim, and LGBTQI+ communities. 
  • Create the conditions for communities to be thriving, just, and compassionate through practices that foster deep connection and relationship building.

Together, we take action to shape culture and move policy that centers the wellbeing of all people.  We believe our communities are enriched by the full participation of all people, and that when a community practices justice and compassion, we make it possible for every being to thrive. 

We believe that a world beyond violence, a world rooted in deep relationship, vibrant community, and connection to our planet is the world we all deserve.  Resonance Network participants are building this world every day by embodying these values in ourselves and our communities, and by taking action together to transform our collective systems.