Workshopping the Worldview

Resonance Network participants are visionary people.  

Faced with a world of disconnection and violence, we come together to dream of another world–the one we all deserve to live in.  

And we are building the world we know can emerge from this moment.

Workshopping the Worldview is a distinctly Resonance event, a multi-day gathering where teams of changemakers come together to envision and begin to create the world we all deserve. A world without violence–a world where all beings thrive, and live in deep relationship with one another and the earth.  

We begin by inviting participants into their creativity–the spacious place where we can start to imagine what that world looks like, sounds like, feels like, tastes like–and who we need to be to bring it into being. As this world begins to feel closer within reach, we commit to a bold leap each of us can take to quicken our evolution toward it.  

A leap that is as bold as our hope and vision for what is possible.  

It is in this spirit of bold hope and possibility that we were thrilled to share an open call to participate in a 3-session Workshopping the Worldview experience.  Registration is now closed, but our team is working on ways to continue this stream of work–please subscribe for updates and stay tuned for more from us soon!