Wakanda Dream Lab Anthology

Have you ever wondered:
what if a new story of gender prevailed and the pain of ancestors lost to gender-based violence was healed?

how do we practice justice and accountability, and what does that look and feel like?


Resonance Network teamed up with Wakanda Dream Lab and invited Black and Afro-Diasporic and Indigenous creative writers, activists, organizers, freedom fighters, and artists to dream up a world free of gender-based violence, with Wakanda as our framework. We believe each of us has the vision, imagination, and creativity at our disposal to build a world in which all lives — especially the lives of Black and Native trans, gender non-conforming, womxn and girls — are valued.

This anthology, Black Freedom Beyond Borders: Re-imagining Gender in Wakanda, the second in Wakanda Dream Lab’s #BlackFreedomBeyondBorders series, imagines new strategies, tactics, and hope for transforming the conversation around gender justice for us all. 

As you explore the anthology, you’ll find written and visual pieces about family life in Wakanda, love and intimacy, and transformation as old ways give way to the new. We’re committed to ensuring that young people are part of our dreaming into Wakanda and visioning and writing for liberation, and we have identified the pieces with explicit content with an asterisk next to their titles in the table of contents.

Ready to dream with us? Accessibility is a critical component in effective and inclusive world building, so our anthology is available for free digital download.