Connect + Take Action


We’re creating a new online platform for network participants to connect and work with each other.

Stay tuned for it to open up soon!  In the meantime, please subscribe to receive updates from Resonance.

This platform is being created for people to connect deeply, share stories about our lives, learn together, and shape what we need for ourselves, our communities, and our collective systems.

In this place, we believe that building community together is an essential pathway to creating the world we want. 

This is a home for you if you:

  • Are doing work focused on your inner self and want to know others on that journey 
  • Want to connect meaningfully with other people in your communities or across communities
  • Want to share what you’re learning with a network of people who are learning too 
  • Are looking for support on something new you’re trying out 
  • Feel like your community needs something but you do not know what that is yet and want to figure it out with other people
  • Want to come together with others in activities that connect healing and spirit to community