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40 Days of Spiritual Practice: Root, Rest & Rejuvenate to Accelerate

January 10, 2022 @ 1:00 pm February 23, 2022 @ 6:00 pm

Who: Nine brilliant and gifted spiritual practitioners will lead us in a series of practice circles for 40 days at the start of 2021. Resonance Network participants who received the invitation are invited to join these circles, and are also welcome to invite chosen beloveds to join us.

What: These nine circles will delve into themes of: deep listening, radical self care, breath work, radical relationships, liberated parenting, finding your voice…and more. (Learn more about each practice circle below.)

We invite you to choose the circle that resonates most and join us.

When: Practice circles will convene in early January, and will gather, as a group, at least four times during the following 40 days. The anticipated gathering dates and times are listed under each spiritual practice offering below. Additionally, there will be opportunities for communication and engagement between gatherings for the group.  

Where: All circles will meet remotely–connection details and meeting schedule will be shared by each individual circle facilitator upon registration.

Registration deadline: Jan 5, 2022

A gentle reminder: we ask you to interrupt the urge to register for multiple circles–and instead, to give your full commitment to one practice circle during this 40-day period. This is an opportunity to challenge your growing edge, and to stretch your spiritual depth–it deserves your full presence.

Practice Circle Offerings:

DEEP Listening from Within: An Introduction to Soul Listening | Offered by Rebeka Ndosi
Flow with the deep energy of winter to connect with your intuition, your deepest wisdom, your truth…your Soul! In this introduction, we will practice breath, movement, and meditation to clear the way for connecting with and listening to your inner wisdom.
Session Length: 5, 2-hour sessions on Wednesdays.
Session dates & times:
Jan 19th, 26th – 4p PT/5p MT/6p CT/7p ET
Feb 2nd – 4:30p PT/5:30p MT/6:30p CT/7:30p ET
Feb 9th, 23rd – 4p PT /5p MT/6p CT/7p ET

Slowing Down to Accelerate Spirit Growth: Disciplined Radical Self-Care as Fertile Ground for Spiritual Practice | Offered by Kelly Miller & Malia Collins
Radical self-care can create fertile ground to enhance our spiritual practices, and when done with awareness, discipline, and kindness, can even become a spiritual practice, and create a portal to the acceleration of our collective spiritual being-ness. Let’s explore habits and share radical self-care practices that nourish our bodies’ daily needs – and the discipline to make ongoing choices to support radical self-care.
Session Length: 5, 90-minute sessions on Tuesdays
Session dates & times:
Jan 11th, 18th, 25th – 12:30p PT/1:30p MT/2:30p CT/3:30p ET
Feb 1st, 8th – 12:30p PT/1:30p MT/2:30p CT/3:30p ET

Breath, Spirit, Flow: Breathing and Meditative Practices Inspired by Zen | Offered by Ed Heisler
Breath is connection. Breath is power. Breath is flow. Breath can nourish life and teach us about living at the same time. Unfortunately, in the midst of prolonged chaos, suffering, and stress, it is so common to lose our spiritual connection with the power and wisdom of breath. This offering will explore breathing and meditative practices inspired by Zen. It is designed for anyone interested in reconnecting to breath and spirit in ways that can transform the very ways we choose to live and move.  
Session Length: 5, 1-hour sessions on Mondays
Session dates & times:
Jan 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st – 8a PT/9a MT/10a CT/11a ET
Feb 7th – 8a PT/9a MT/10a CT/11a ET

#RadicalRelationships | Offered by Emanuel Brown (IG @emanuelhbrown)
#RadicalRelationships invites you to journey into the undoing of habits, patterns, and beliefs that reinforce separation. As you let go of what no longer serves, we open ourselves to more intimacy, alignment, and transformation. In this community of practice, you will have an opportunity to imagine your relationships as sites of freedom through expressive arts, guided meditation, and embodiment. Topics include, but not limited to: relationship to my history; relationship with body; relationship with my pleasure; relationship with boldness.
Session Length: 4, 2-hour sessions
Session dates & times:
Saturday, Jan 22nd – 10a PT/11a MT/12p CT/1p ET
Wednesday Jan 26th – 4p PT/5p MT/6p CT/7p ET
Wednesday Feb 9th – 4p PT/5p MT/6p CT/7p ET
Saturday Feb 12th – 10a PT/11a MT/12p CT/1p ET

Through the Lens a Connection to Spirit | Offered by Kelli Risitano
Photography has been described by Aaron Siskind as, “a way of feeling, of touching, of loving,” and allows for us to share with each other what we see around us and what we feel in our hearts. In this offering, you are invited to embark on a guided spiritual journey using the medium of photography. Together, we will share images of our everyday lives and provide ways to connect deeper into our own spiritual practice and shared collective vision. You do not have to have any experience as a photographer, just access to a device that can take a photo.
Session Length: 4, 90-minute sessions on Mondays
Session dates & times:
Jan 10th, 24th – 3p PT/4p MT/5p CT/6p ET
Feb 7th, Feb 17th – 3p PT/4p MT/5p CT/6p ET

CLAYming Interconnectedness: Here and Now
One body, One breath, One moment | Offered by Suzanne Thomson

Through clay, breath and presence, we re-member a felt sense of belonging. Moving with the malleability of clay, we connect with our own being of generosity and possibility. In this practice offering, we will explore through a series of hand building exercises, the dance between breath and clay, awaken to our present moment and experience through our senses. Moving with one body, one breath, one moment we learn to interrupt habits of separation and create space for ALL. This clay practice welcomes everyone whether your experience is new or familiar with clay, breath and presence.
Supplies required:

  • 5 kilograms of low fire white or red clay (earthenware); often sold in 10 kilogram bags
    (easily purchased at a pottery supply store)
  • 1 journal
  • 1 large sponge
  • 1 wooden skewer
  • 1 knife to cut clay
  • 1 large wooden cutting board or piece of smooth plywood

Session Length: 6, 90-minute sessions on Wednesdays
Session dates & times:
Jan 12th, 19th, 26th – 4p PT/5p MT/6p CT/7p ET
Feb 2nd, 9th, 16th – 4p PT/5p MT/6p CT/7p ET

(It is our desire that each offering is accessible to anyone interested in participating, so if assistance is needed to acquire supplies to participate, please contact ml@spiritualalchemy.life.)

Sounding Your Voice | Offered by Sarah Curtiss
Everyone is born with their own sacred sound. In this practice participants will join together to examine sound, voice and vibrations. Collectively we will learn how to locate our voice, how we can access it, and how it connects us to ourselves, our ancestors and future descendants.
Session Length: 5, 1-hour sessions on Wednesdays
Session dates & times:
Jan 12th, 19th, 26th – 11a PT/12p MT/1p CT/2p ET
Feb 2nd, 9th – 11a PT/12p MT/1p CT/2p ET

Liberated Parenting as a Spiritual Practice | Offered by Trina Greene
After two years of the dual pandemics of racism and COVID, sharing and creating resources that center the voices, experiences, and healing of parents/caregivers is critical–and a political act. This circle invites parents to step into and reconnect with the spiritual practice of liberated parenting–it is a sacred space for parents/caregivers to come together to look inward, reflect on our own care as caregivers, and connect with one another with care, love, and compassion.
Session Length: 4; 90-minute session on Thursdays
Session dates & times:
Jan 13th, 27th – 5p PT/6p MT/7p CT/8p ET
Feb 10th, 24th – 5p PT/6p MT/7p CT/8p ET

Art as a Spiritual Practice | Kassamira Carter-Howard, Dream Within
Entire worlds exist within you, just waiting to be birthed. In this practice circle, we will cultivate our own creative practice and identify ways to access all of the dreams within you that your spirit wants to share with the world. Utilizing the medium of watercolors to connect to spirit, art becomes a path to our own deeper awareness. If you are interested in learning how art and creative expression can be a tool for your meditative and spiritual practice, then this workshop is for you.
Session Length: 1, 90-minute session and 3, 60-minute sessions on Wednesdays
Session Dates and times:
Jan 12th -10:30a PT/11:30a MT /12:30 CT/1:30p ET (90 min)
Jan 26th – 9a PT/10a MT/11a CT /12p ET (60 min)
Feb 9th, 16th – 9a PT/10a MT/11a CT /12p ET (60 min)Supplies required:

  • Watercolor paints
  • Watercolor or mixed media paper
  • Pencil with eraser
  • Container for water
  • Paper towels

(It is our desire that each offering is accessible to anyone interested in participating, so if assistance is needed to acquire supplies to participate, please contact ml@spiritualalchemy.life.)