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On Ancestral Muses: A Playdate for Worldbuilders

September 23, 2022 @ 2:00 pm 3:30 pm

Resonance’s Reverb fellows—Amber, Lisbeth, Emanuel, and Sophie—are extending an invitation to participate in a creative community cauldron.

This event is a space for generation, inspiration, provocation…and play. Where ancestral inspiration is humbly honored, and accessed through the expansiveness that comes with ease, togetherness, and joy. Where deep work and delight co-exist. And where worldbuilding happens in connection to spirit and beloved community.

Who: Worldbuilders—those of us who embrace the practice of what is possible each day.

What: A practice of art as co-creation. Resonance’s Reverb Fellows will each bring an offering: works-in-progress on the topic of ancestral muses. And participants are invited to offer their own creative energy and connection to lineage—to inform and inspire the unfolding of these works.

When: 2 p.m. ET, 1 p.m. CT, 12 p.m. MT, 11 a.m. PT

Where: This is a virtual event—Zoom access will be shared upon registration.

How: Participants need only bring themselves, and their willingness to engage in a discussion and collaborative exchange on this topic (no additional preparation or materials necessary). During the session, participants will opt into small breakout sessions with the artist of their choosing, but we’ll all be holding these questions together around the cauldron:

  • How are we bringing ancestors into new ways of being?
  • How are they teasing, provoking, and inspiring us?
  • How can we weave insights from ancestors of all kinds into designs for the new world?

Contact: Adiel (adiel@resonance-network.org) and Lola (lola@resonance-network.org)

Reverb Fellows:

Lisbeth White (she/they) is a lover of the earth, wanderer of lands, poet, developmental editor, elemental energy healer, listener, and ancestor celebrant. As a writer, she has received awards, fellowships, and residencies from VONA, Callaloo, Tin House, Split This Rock, Bread Loaf Environmental Writers Conference, The Dickinson House, and Blue Mountain Center. As a healer and ritualist, she has been a facilitator of community-based workshops utilizing arts and earth-based practices to connect artists, writers, and land stewards within social and healing justice organizations for mutual inspiration and support. She is certain our collective liberation is intricately tied to ancestral earth wisdom and firmly believes each of us has boundless capacity within to be our own wisest healers.

Amber Butts (she/her) is a storyteller, cultural strategist and grief worker whose practices are informed by cross-species reparative relationships between the living Earth and all of its beings. Her work asks big and small questions about how we actualize spaces that center tenderness, nuance, and play, while living in a world that is sustained by its reliance on our terror. Amber is a steward, practicer and beginner who firmly believes in the bond of living things everywhere. On paper, she is a writer and editor who organizes to confront power. Amber locates herself through ancestral memory, conjuring, and a commitment to collective liberation. She is currently at work on an intergenerational speculative fiction novel.

Emanuel H. Brown (he/him) is a Black Caribbean Trans Masculine Non-Binary person living at the intersections of race, gender and sexuality. Emanuel has a Master’s of Social Work, trained in multiple schools of embodiment practice and uses HEARTS Justice to conjure freedom. Emanuel’s work challenges people to integrate a pro-Black and Trans*-affirming stance within wellness, creative and spiritual spaces. He is the author of Radical Relationships Devotional Series featured on Our Bible App, artistic director for Nu Mas(k)ulinities and host of BLKTrans*+Whole, a live streaming series focused on healing, evolution, and making the political personal. Emanuel has been honored as a Senior Fellow for Pop Culture Collaborative, Southern Healing Star Award, and is currently the Executive Director of Acorn Center for Restoration and Freedom.

Sophie Garcia (they/them) has spent every day making room for magic. As an indigenous (Nahua and Yaqui) person living on stolen land, their observations of ancient spiritual practices and advocacy for language justice allows them to reconnect with what was robbed from their people as well as bridge a gap forward into the future. Their brand Astrology Chisme seeks to honor the legacy of safety networks and ancestral knowledge-ways inherent to oral storytelling. By offering perspective shifts in their practice, whether it’s writing, film, photography, or astrology readings, they reflects truth and beauty back to collaborators and another language for hope-building.