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WeGovern Clinic Series

September 23, 2021 @ 1:00 pm 3:00 pm

What: A multi-track clinic series to deepen our practice of collective governance. Participants are invited to attend the introductory session: The Basics: WeGovern and Claiming Governance, and then can opt into other clinic tracks as they choose.

When: The Basics: WeGovern and Claiming Governance [September 23]

  • Track 1. Localizing WeGovern: Who and Where [September 30 + October 1]
  • Track 2. Narrating Our Story of WeGovern [October 14+15]
  • Track 3. WeGovern in Policy and Action [October 28+29, and November 4+5]

Who: Those who are interested in deepening their governance practice, using the WeGovern principles as a guide.

Where: Clinics will take place virtually, via Zoom.

Read more about each of the clinics below. Please register via the form on the right for the WeGovern Basics clinic, and make sure to select the additional clinic track(s) you would like to participate in.

The Basics: WeGovern and Claiming Governance
In the introduction session, we will explore the origin story of the WeGovern principles and the importance of this moment in our collective governance practice (why now?). Participants will then delve into what the WeGovern principles mean for each of us, and how our individual and collective governance practices can take shape, starting now. Together, we’ll explore:

  • What is WeGovern?
  • Why now? Why is it important that we (re)think our relationship to governance and our role in it–in our our families, our communities, and beyond?
  • Which of the principles are you most drawn to and most ready to live into in your day-to-day life and work?
  • How do we need to show up in the world, and who do we need to be with in community, to bring these principles into being?
  • What do we need to do and what do we need to let go of, to animate these principles in our lives?

Track 1. Localizing WeGovern: Who and Where
In this session, you’ll be invited to identify the people, beings, and land you are most connected to. Participants will then explore the principles that most resonate with them–and that they have the most energy to live into with their families, tribes, teams, and communities. Through interactive workshopping and inquiry as well as peer sharing, learning, and story sharing, we will begin to envision and create into collective governance in our respective communities. In this track, we will explore:

  • Who are the people and beings, human and non-human, you are most connected to and feel in mutual responsibility with?
  • Where is the place–land, waters and air–you are most connected to and feel in mutual responsibility with?
  • Which WeGovern principles do we have the most energy for living into with our beings and people, in our specific places?

Track 2. Narrating Our Story of WeGovern
This track will draw on Resonance Network’s Mending the Arc story practice, in which participants utilize storytelling to connect to the future we are creating. Participants who begin with this track will start by identifying the peoples, place, and WeGovern principles they want to focus on, then narrate into the future they envision for their chosen community. Participants who have attended the Localizing WeGovern track will bring their more specific and textured exploration of peoples, place, and principles, and will build upon this vision by narrating their particular future story. In this track, we will explore:

  • What is the story grounded in our past and present that reveals our agency and purpose in bringing WeGovern to life?  
  • Which WeGovern principles do we have most energy for engaging our communities in, and how might we discover the path forward by narrating the story of collectively claiming governance together?  
  • What will take shape as we involve the people, beings, and places with which we are most connected?

Track 3. WeGovern in Policy and Action
This track will focus on specific policy shifts and actions to embody the WeGovern principles. Participants will identify the current policies and actions they would like to transform, and explore the shifts they would need to make in order to align policy and action with the future they want to see for their communities. With support from facilitators and peer discussion in small groups, participants will engage in an inquiry process to assess their current policy stances, and what their new stance would need to become–in other words, what policies and actions would they stand for, support, or denounce to align with collective governance, and bring in the future they envision? In this track, we will explore:

  • How does a commitment to the WeGovern principles impact our current policy stances?
  • What are the policy and actions you would need to live into, in order to bring in the future you envision for your community?
  • What is the best strategy to transition from your current policy position, to this new stance?
  • What would it look like to hold these policy and action stances? Who would you need to be to hold them?