Our Collective Systems

How can our culture and systems be just, equitable, and compassionate?

What kind of governance do we need in order to meet our responsibility to past and future generations?

How do we integrate the ancestral wisdom of marginalized and enslaved people into the systems and structures upon which our communities are built?

We are building on the opportunity of this pivotal moment in our history to shift norms, policies, and structures to be more equitable and just. We are rallying around a collective vision to catalyze a shift from fighting for small reforms of the status quo to transformative creation of the world we want.  And we’re setting out to identify the leaders and communities that are ready and willing to act on values rooted in deep relationship to each other and the planet. 

Resonance Network initiates, partners, and participates in community activities, direct action, and political mobilization to build community power and deepen democracy in the service of creating the world we want. 

“The impossible is the least that one can demand.” 

— James Baldwin,
The Fire Next Time