Our Communities

How are we fostering equity, belonging, and shared leadership in community?

Community is where the seeds we’re planting can truly take root. It is where our relationships are deepest, and therefore where our actions can have an especially immediate, clear, and powerful impact. 

In community is where our journey to deepen relationships that lead to belonging and wellbeing begins. In building community, we learn firsthand how to foster equity, compassion, justice, and shared leadership. It is where we begin to make intentional and sustainable choices about how to steward the ecosystem around us. 

We can build community by celebrating the everyday sacred, bridging difference, telling the truth about harm and injustice, and creating systems of accountability and trust so we can work together to create meaningful change. 

Because this kind of intentional community-building is part of a legacy of historical community leaders, and because love and accountability are at the heart of this process, we hold this work as the creation of Beloved Community.