Our Selves

Who do we need to be to create the world we want?

We engage in work within ourselves so we can be the most compassionate, joyous, whole people we can be. We engage in work within ourselves to dismantle the harmful systems that have left an imprint in our own ways of being — and to transform existing systems. 

We know that we will be transformed in the process.

Cultivating our own healing and spiritual growth, centering our inner wisdom, and understanding our role in building community is how we can begin to reshape how we relate to ourselves and others. This process of self-awareness enables each person to find alignment in their own lives and embrace their unique role and leadership in creating the world we want.  

Resonance Network connects, catalyzes, and supports efforts to create the world we want in ourselves, including:

  • Building peer-to-peer support and connections for aligning our daily lives with our vision for the world we want
  • Facilitating physical/mind-body and somatic practices, including Forward Stance
  • Experimenting with processes to explore individual purpose and nurture spiritual growth in intentional, small-group settings 
  • Supporting network participants to self-organize spirit-led spaces by exploring cultural traditions together, processing how we are impacted by current events, and more 
  • Facilitating dialogue about and supporting participants’ chosen healing methods and spiritual paths as an integral part of their work to end violence 

Resonance Network also cultivates individual and group healing and spirit work through virtual and in-person gatherings.​​

A series of 4-day immersion experiences to explore and build community around.

The approaches we learn together … 

  • Help us move more effectively toward a bigger, shared purpose;
  • Uncover our inner wisdom, gifts, and strengths through reflection, physical practice, and storytelling; and
  • Explore our sacred responsibility to honor our histories and shape the world we live in–today,  and for future generations. 

We’ve held two cycles of the Transformative Movement Leadership series and are currently reflecting on what’s next. Want to receive updates? Join our email list here

Resonance Network’s Spiritual Midwifery Circle creates space and offers resources for leaders in the nonprofit world to reclaim spirit and healing practices for themselves and  as a part of their work in movements. 

As people who share a focus on building a world without violence, spiritually grounded leadership is central to the work we do.  Spirit is the life-giving vitality that renews all things, connecting us to the past and to the future–to everything that is, and everything that will be. It reminds us of the interconnectedness of all beings.  

Spirit is not about tradition or religion (those traditions are how we make sense of and stay connected to spirit); spirit exists independent of tradition.