Resonance Network began as a vehicle for collective action to end violence against women and girls. The seed for the network took root with the first cohort of movement leaders to take part in Move to End Violence, a 10-year program of the NoVo Foundation.  Since then, Resonance Network has evolved to include a growing constellation of people committed to building a world without violence. 

Resonance Network was forging a new path, and we understood this network to be fractal — that is, existing on a small-scale and large-scale at the same time. The relationships, values, and practices we built into our team at the outset would reflect those of the broader network and the world we’re building together. During our first several years we focused on world-building within the Resonance Network team, asking questions like: how do we practice equity in compensation?  How do we incorporate collective leadership and decision-making as a staff? How do we resource ourselves? In this way, we practiced animating our values of deep relationship, equity, shared leadership, and collective well-being with one another.   

During this initial building process, we also supported 37 experimental projects in our Innovation Lab, which created space for connection, prototyping, collaboration, and play in the areas of community-based organizing, art, healing, and movement-building.  And as Resonance Network began to grow, we supported participants to work deeply in three practice groups: engaging girls of color in civic leadership, developing racial equity and liberation practices, and connecting communities developing local solutions to domestic and sexual violence.  Resonance Network also hosted a series of leader convenings and facilitated state-based dialogue, capacity-building, and strategy support with coalitions and other key actors in the broader movement to end violence against women and girls. 

Throughout this building process, we invited feedback from staff, partners, and participants–we learned a great deal about functioning as a network and collaborating outside of organizational boundaries to move work–and the lessons we learned have been integrated into Resonance Network’s DNA.

During this time, the political and cultural landscape in the US shifted significantly, which led us to think deeply about how Resonance Network could make the most meaningful impact. In 2018, Resonance Network began a focused effort to envision and build the world we want by practicing ways to transform our selves, our communities, and our collective systems.