Network leadership

We believe how we work together, communicate, and organize ourselves is integral to the change we want to see in the world. 

This ‘how’ includes transparency, shared leadership, and a culture that values healing and developing new ideas and approaches to transformation. 

Collective leadership and decision-making takes practice.  We believe that if we live into these practices within our network, we can build a foundation that will enable us to practice collective leadership in our families, communities, and organizations. 

We know that inequitable power creates conditions for harm and violence.  This is why the way we lead is so important: transforming a culture of violence requires transforming the systems that support it, and replacing them with a governance system that centers compassion, deep relationship, and collective thriving.

Power-sharing and collective decision-making are rare in most of the systems and groups we’re a part of — and learning how to build ideas together, trust each others’ visions, make decisions collaboratively, and practice a culture of consent where personal boundaries and choices are honored, is necessary to build leadership that is beyond our current systems.  

Building collaborative leadership is only possible when we practice together, ensuring that our values to end violence are reflected in our systems of power.

Resonance Network’s leadership operates through two circles: 

The Oversight Circle holds traditional governance tasks and roles traditionally associated with a board of directors, including oversight of Resonance Network staff and human resources procedures, implementing an equitable internal system to address grievances, and ensuring adherence to legal regulations and continued commitment to our stated purpose and objectives.  The Oversight Circle also works in collaboration with the rigorous fiscal oversight of our fiscal sponsor, Movement Strategy Center.

Current members of the Oversight Circle:

  • Sanu Dieng
  • Kate McCord
  • Karen Tronsgard-Scott
  • Farzana Safiullah
  • Quentin Walcott

The Catalyst Circle uses network principles of co-design, advice, and consent to make decisions about infrastructure and strategy for the network with significant input from other network members. This circle helps build the capacity of the network to self-organize around actions, projects, and campaigns while supporting the culture of the network. From their vantage point, the Catalyst Circle is able to scan the network for points of opportunity and collaboration between participants, and catalyze them to continue sparking innovation and collaboration throughout the network.  

Current members of the Catalyst Circle:

  • Raven E. Freeborn
  • Lorena Estrella
  • Kristiana Huitrón
  • Kate McCord
  • Klarissa Oh
  • Ana Romero
  • Quentin Walcott