Resonance Network at Seven Generations

What is possible when we dive deep into exploring our relationship with spirit, our relationship with faith? What is possible within ourselves when we connect with the story of our ancestors? When we locate our stories in relation to others’ ancestor’s stories? What happens when we see ourselves and the work that we do in the context of generations – generations from whom we’ve inherited this home, and the generations to whom we will pass it on?

What is possible is what took place in Chaska, MN this past April. Almost 50 folks from across the US convened for a Seven Generations gathering led by Norma Wong. The week-long gathering was a profound experience for participants as they engaged in storytelling and deep conversation about their place in an arc of time that includes the seven generations before and after them.

Resonance Network believes in the power of shared practices like imagining and embodying long arc narratives to increase the potency and possibility of our strategies for liberation. The video clip of folk’s experiences featured above gives you a sense of what is possible when we are in community, connected to our ancestors and holding collective responsibility for what we leave for our descendants. If after watching the clip, you find yourself yearning for a similar connection to a community of practice, we invite you to join us for our storytelling virtual practice and let us know if you would like to participate in something like this virtually or in-person.