The UpTick, July 11, 2019: What happens when we connect with each other through storytelling?

We are in the midst of summer and our second cycle of Y(OUR) Stories is underway. In addition we have some new submissions to our photo gallery of community builders. Read more about it all below!

Cycle 2 of Y(OUR) Stories is under way! Given the success of our first cycle, our second cycle had so many signs up that we divided folks into two practice groups. With practice groups now meeting on a weekday evening, we excited to learn how meeting as a practice group outside of typical work hours affects attendance and participation.

In this week’s session, we hope to build on the rich dialogue from our first session, which centered on sharing the story of their our names. Participants reflected on what became possible for them as a group by introducing themselves through storytelling. Here is what some of them had to say:

“I’m in awe of all the stories behind our names. This experience just with sharing the story of your name makes me wonder what other stories we have to tell about things we think about.”

“I realized I love stories. I love to listen to people tell stories because you get insights about a person that you wouldn’t normally get access to. There’s so much in a name.”

“I found it interesting. This practice opened another door up in the telling of the story of my name. Another story that may have a slight mention before was really able to blossom.”

“A space where we practiced hearing each other out was possible when we shared our stories”


Check out our photo gallery of community builders!

Thank you to those who have shared their reflections on what community means to them.

Do you consider yourself a community builder? If so, it is not too late to contribute to this photo gallery! Send us a selfie and a few sentences of what community means to you to community@resonance-network.orgYou can check out the gallery of submissions here.