The UpTick, July 18, 2019: Our responsibility as storytellers

In our second cycle of Y(OUR) Stories, we are acknowledging our hunger for stories from our elders while also realizing that we too hold a responsibility to storytell to/with younger generations. In addition we have some new submissions to our photo gallery of community builders. Read more about it all below!

Last week’s session of Y(our) Stories centered around connecting to a story that was gifted to us by a previous generation. Folks shared stories that were passed down to them from a family member or elder and, in the process, noticed how those stories evolved and took on new meaning with its most recent telling. The practice was an opportunity to stretch into our role as storytellers and to allow space for generational stories to evolve and reincarnate via different story versions. From that experience of connecting and retelling a story that was gifted, several participants realized the importance of their own role as storytellers for generations that succeed them. Here is what some of them had to say:

“This makes me want to shake down my elders to talk to me!!!”

“How many stories do we not share? How many are we holding? What if we saw ourselves as the holders of stories too and not just the elders?”

As the cycle continues, participants will continue to grow and expand their practice of storytelling, as they imagine what their role as storytellers will be in relationship to younger and future generations.


What community means is deeply personal to each of us. It can be the family we’re born into, our chosen family, friends, or a place. Community is created when we come together with others who share aspects of our culture, identity, values, interests, or ways of being.

Throughout Resonance Network, people are coming together in communities around the country to build relationship and take action together in powerful ways. This includes connecting deeply through sharing stories about our lives, celebrating the everyday sacred, telling the truth about struggles and injustices, and working together to create meaningful change.

To highlight folks in Resonance Network who build and nurture their communities, we’ve created a photo gallery of community builders!

Thank you to those who have shared their reflections on what community means to them.

Do you consider yourself a community builder? If so, it is not too late to contribute to this photo gallery! Send us a selfie and a few sentences of what community means to you to You can check out the gallery of submissions here.