The UpTick, June 13, 2019: Storytelling, Possibilities of the We, 3rd Communities Call

Summer is here and things with Resonance Network are heating up. Both the Community In Focus and Y(OUR) STORIES practice groups have been engaging in deep community building and generative storytelling/future telling. Read more below on what network participants have experienced in these virtual community spaces and how you can join!

What is your story? What is our story? Often stories, other people’s stories, are told to us. Sometimes they are stories about us and our communities but written by someone else. Rare are the spaces and opportunities to craft and share our own. The Y(OUR) STORIES practice group for the past 5 weeks has explored, played and created their own stories and art. With this first cycle wrapping up, we want to share some of what people experienced while practicing storytelling in community. Here is what they shared with us:

How is spending time thinking about ancestral stories shaping how you are moving in your day to day?

“As I was walking and listening to the stories and the songs, I felt like I was in that place. As if the power of our voices and our dreaming together made that place real.”

What surprised you about your story/storytelling?

“Sometimes it feels like we are all going to disappear. But to come and hear about a future in which we are still here helps me to be in a mind frame my community needs me to be in today.”

“Listening to others’ stories helped me think about the possibilities of the we. All of the courage and love here helped me find my way through the story I didn’t know I was going to tell until now. I feel like this practice has become something I’m living into in my everyday interactions and has given me the strength I need right now. I’m bolstered by this group. This group gives so much love and space to be our true and full and complicated and beautiful selves and I feel such gratitude.”

What are you sitting with or what’s sitting with you?

“We just did this for five weeks and I’ve actually come to believe that telling these stories is a kind of time travel.”

What was our storytelling process like?

“I have appreciated getting to stretch. Having prompts to think about for the week but not having to plan a story. This is a challenge for linear thinkers. But it’s been a gift to experiment and play and letting things land like it lands.”

📢📢 Attention all Editors and Graphic Designers!! 📢📢

Do you want to contribute to work that reimagines gender justice and liberation?

Are you excited about all things Wakanda?

Are you an editor or graphic designer that wants to contribute your skills towards Black liberation work?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, consider applying to be a co-editor or graphic designer for the next gender-themed anthology to come out of Wakanda Dream Lab. Click the links to read more about the Lab, the anthology and the position descriptions (Co-EditorGraphic Designer). Priority will be given to applications submitted by June 12th.

Background on the Wakanda Dream Lab X Resonance Network Partnership: In 2019 Resonance Network and Wakanda Dream Lab are co-creating and publishing a Wakanda Dream Lab Anthology featuring future-facing and speculative creative writing lifting up gender justice and liberation inspired by the world of Wakanda.

To learn more about our storytelling work, click here.

The Communities Practice learning group is in full swing! But it is not too late to join us for our third and final call. Next week Tuesday we will explore together how to create new modes of community. We’ll go deeper into thinking about how the integration of the emerging world view works within community, and how it might catalyze new forms of community that are decentralized, autonomous and mutually supportive. Some questions we might explore are: Once you have a community coming together how to you keep your stance open enough to invite others in and hold it intact? How does everyone see their ownership and sacred responsibility? How do we build community when we are separate (distributed geographically)?

For those who weren’t able to attend this week’s call, Resonance Network participants along with the facilitation help of Becki Masaki, discussed the challenges and opportunities of building community and how we transfer the energy from community conversation to community action. The conversation was fruitful and generative and we are certain that next week’s will feel the same. Sign up here to share your thoughts on community and/or to learn from others how they’ve practiced the formidable art building the bigger “we”.

Click here to sign up!