The UpTick, June 20, 2019: What we learned from storytelling, What we questions we confront about community

How are you? How are you really? At Resonance Network, we’ve been building our muscle of building relationships with each other across a virtual space and through a shared practice. This past week, the first y(our) stories practice group wrapped up and the reflections that the storytellers shared with us were touching and powerful. We are excited to reiterate the practice group again with a new 5-week evening practice starting next week Thursday!

The Community in Focus group also had their third and final call and are excited to bring what they’ve discussed to their other community spaces. Read on for more insight into what brilliance surfaced during the course of these practice groups.

WE DID THAT! That was the overwhelming feeling sitting with the y(our) stories practice groups. After five storytelling practice calls and a sixth reflection/feedback call, the feelings named at the final call were wonder, gratitude, playfulness, sadness, and anticipation.

Wonder at the deep sense of connection that was made possible by storytelling together.

Gratitude for the gifts of togetherness, of care, of support that existed in the practice space.

Playfulness around embracing imagination and imagining our future together.

Sadness about the regular practice space sunsetting and, finally

Anticipation to remain in connection and in practice with each other outside of the six-call series structure.

Here are some impressions from the storytellers as they reflected on their experience:

“I was always welcomed and always felt connected and the connection was authentic. We came from our own mind, hearts, guts and stories but somehow the stories wove together in a very natural way and that felt like an embrace of love. ”

“What happened for me was it made me reconsider the way of telling a story. There was something about the stories and the questions that fueled the way I was, not just on the phone calls but everywhere. And changed the way I thought about place, about my ancestors, stories and community.”

“This is what we need to be doing in our world. This matters. Being in relationship. This is the stuff that’s hopeful, that will get us to the world where we are thriving.”

“I have a tangible experience of what is possible when we choose to be human in this way. We manifested the world that we were imaging in the imaging of it together. Fully authentic, fully ourselves, fully human.”

The Communities Practice wrapped up this week but stay tuned!

Community in Focus learning group met this week for our third and last virtual gathering of this series. We went deeper into thinking about the purpose of our community work and how that purpose evolves and deepens over time. In our 90-minute discussion we gathered in breakout sessions where small groups explored how to make space and keep our stance open for newcomers to communities that are already in deep relationship and practice. Even if you might not have been able to attend any or all of the virtual calls, there’s still an opportunity to engage with other network participants like yours.  Use the hyperlink to indicate if you have interest in an in-person gathering here where together we will dive deep into community building strategies and practices.