The UpTick- Week of May 20, 2019

Over the next few months, we’re “upping our game” and developing opportunities to harness our collective energy and power through storytelling, community and radical power. It is through our work together that we can interrupt the roots of violence, and bring our full selves to promote an emerging world view where violence is not inevitable or a norm. We invite you to contribute to one of our many lines of engagement, from peer learning to creative storytelling. Below is a snapshot of what’s happening now.


Why Community?

Community is the pathway to a balanced, interconnected way of being where all people can thrive.  Exploitation, oppression, and violence flourish with isolation and individualism.

We believe community building is the most radical form of resistance to the violence and oppression we currently face. Though community has been under attack for generations, it is an essential practice of humanity, rooted in hope and interconnection.

We practice, remember, interconnect and become unstoppable.

As we grow and deepen our connections, we can harness our relational power to transform not only the places we live and work, but also social norms, policies and structures.

The series of interactions that are part of this “Uptick” are geared towards learning together, defining, building and imagining the possibilities of community building within a community of practitioners who are actively engaged in this work.

We invite you to participate in the following ways!

  1. You can join the conversation by contributing to our gallery of community builders. Take a selfie, share your name, location and include a few sentences about what community is to you. Send to!
  2. You can participate in our Peer Learning Calls where we will share with each other how and why we are practicing community building; the challenges and opportunities we face in building community; and possibilities for community building practice going forward.
  3. You can Save the Date for an in person gathering in July where we will draw connections from the Peer Learning Calls and develop strategies to enact and transform our community building practices. Through this workshop we will go deeper into how we can take these practices across time and space and continue to build community together to leverage radical power and an emerging world view.


Y(OUR) Stories Update

We are now in our third week of practice for the y(our) stories virtual community.

Sign ups for the mid-day practice on Fridays is closed, however, the evening Thursday practice is still accepting registrations. The evening practice will be held Thursdays, 5pm pacific // 8pm eastern, June 27 – August 1st.

If you are interested in practicing storytelling in community, you can sign up here.

Here’s what one community member had to say about their experience practicing storytelling in community:


I have been honored to participate in the y(our) stories circle group. For me, it is a space of celebration, connection, pure joy, honoring, learning and listening from the heart to others and to myself. The space invites us to be whole and we have co-created a beloved community. I am the best version of myself in this wholesome space. I carry the ripple effect where ever I am now.  It is radical collective liberation in practice.

– Lina Juarbe Botella

A CALL TO MEN, Director of Community Engagement

If you would like to join our second practice community starting in June, please sign up here.

Wakanda Dream Labs + Resonance Network are hiring!!

If you know anyone who is savvy with social media and has publicity prowess, share this awesome job opportunity with them. The position is part time with a start date of June 24 and an end date of July 12.