The UpTick – Week of May 27, 2019

There’s a lot going on and we hope you will bring your full selves to join in any number of ways. If you have an idea for something that you’d like to do, contact us at


Community Update

The Communities Practice is gearing up and we want to hear from you about what community means to you!

Are you a community builder?  Would you like to explore what you are doing, learning and your challenges with others on a similar journey?

Join us for 3 virtual peer learning calls starting next Tuesday, June 4thSign up here to be a part of the learning group!

Contribute to our virtual photo gallery! Share your thoughts on community by taking a selfie and emailing us your picture along with your name, location and a few sentences about what community is to you. Send to!



Y(OUR) Stories Update

We are now in our fourth week of practice for the y(our) stories virtual community.

What happens when we connect to abundance and realize our power to generate all we need to thrive? This is what the y(our) stories storytelling practice explored last week as part of the 5-week series on engaging art and storytelling in community. They reflected on how stories have shown up in their lives as a source of power, of abundance.

Below is a brief glimpse into the conversation that took place around the impact that thinking about and sharing ancestral stories is having on practice members’ day to day experiences:

Resonance Network: How is spending time thinking about ancestral stories shaping how you are moving in your day to day?

“[I] thought the memories were the last remnants I had of my grandparents but the story I told last week and this week are things that I’m doing and have been in my family for a long, long time. Having a broad community of current people that I build with, I also have an ancestry line that I build with that is not disconnected from everyone else’s.”

“Hope is so important in healing. Leaning on the stories of my ancestors has made despair something I try to move away from quickly. So many stories of our survival have been rooted in joy and faith. Has helped me manage my despair in relation to climate crisis. How to root it in resilience and the joy may ancestors used to survive.”

“I think so much about the stories we tell and how telling these stories is a way for me to re-look at, or reconsider the ways I’ve told my stories in the past. I always think about my relationship with my mom and how complicated it can feel, yet when I’m telling my stories, she is always in them and I see her and feel her with such gratitude and love. It truly feels like healing–and that sense of being loved lives inside of me as I make my way through the day and the way I see my connections to my own children and family.”

If the depth of that conversation and reflection appeals to you, if these are questions you also want to explore in a community, then consider signing up for our next practice scheduled in the evenings on Thursdays, 5pm pacific // 8pm eastern June 27 – August 1st. Click here to sign up.


We’re hiring!

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