What seeds are we planting?

We plant the seeds of the world we want to create through the choices we make each day. 

The ways we care for ourselves, respond to the needs of others, and participate in community life are opportunities to practice how we want to transform ourselves, our communities, and our collective systems. 

These are some of the values Resonance folks are practicing:

  • Inviting spirit to renew our sense of wholeness and discover our interconnection
  • Welcoming and nurturing our whole selves physically, spiritually, and emotionally
  • Respecting inner and ancestral wisdom and all forms of knowledge and learning 
  • Centering in our bodies as the place where transformation begins to move from a belief to a reality
  • Fostering equity and power sharing 
  • Building relationships that lead to mutual care, belonging, wellbeing, and support 
  • Bridging difference towards our shared humanity 
  • Prioritizing truth-telling and accountability about harm, oppression, and inequitable relationships /power to enable us to find pathways forward together
  • Healing from harm to transform wounds and renew our sense of wholeness
  • Cultivating joy and celebration 
  • Creating together to weave the story of the future
  • Sharing leadership and governance to build participation and democracy 
  • Choosing intentionally and sustainably how we nurture ourselves and the land and ecosystem around us
  • And…

Resonance Network participants practice the world we want to create in three key areas:

Our Selves,
Our Communities,
Our Collective Systems



What are you practicing for your own transformation?

What are you seeing as evidence of the world you want emerging in your own community?   

Why do we practice?

In order to learn something new, change a habit, or turn something unfamiliar into second nature, we need to practice: we try something new, understand what we are doing well, allow ourselves to make mistakes, and then try again.

In the same way, we can shift harmful cultural norms and policies and get to the changes we want in our relationships, communities, and beyond. To do this, we must practice the conversations, the ways we are with each other, and values we want to make real in the world.